Lubi Thomas is an experienced curator working in the field of digital/new media arts and associate practice areas. In the past decade, she has developed and delivered an extensive range of exhibitions, projects, festivals, events, residencies and mentoring programs, as well as, public and education focused programming. Site-responsiveness is a key element in her practice, working closely with artists, creative technologist and their collaborators to produce works and cultural experiences for a variety of audiences. Lubi’s master's Curating in Uncharted Territories proposes a methodology for cultural programing development and sustainability for sites engaged in the display of, and engagement with, experimental creative practice. 


Lubi has developed cultural programming frameworks for The Cube Brisbane, Creative Industries Precinct QUT, and Qld State Library. Taking a highly networked approach to programming structures, audience engagement and partnership development, Lubi has brokered on-going relationships with LEGO Education, Ars Electronica, FACT Liverpool, and the Australia Council for the Arts. She works and consults locally, nationally and internationally. Current projects include: Experimenta Media Arts - triennial exhibition Experimenta Make Sense, Femel Fissions: Women, Art  & Science, and ReForm - Brisbane Street Art Festival and early development consultancy work for UTV & the Digital Placemaking Institute.