scoop, tide activated kinetic sculptures. Commissioned by Brecknock Consulting for Gold Coast City Council.
2008 concept + design development + structural engineering completed
Consisting of three identitictidal 'tidal and swell' activated kinetic elements mounted to the pier structure.  Held 12 meters alot on elegant curved steel arms, polished stainless and red stylised scoop basktes sway gently in the breeze.  With passgae of the tide and swell, the arms pivot in a 'scooping' motion down to meet the water as the tide rises and receeds; in a gesture of greeting and welcome, and then slowly extending back up into the air (from high to low tide), in a salute to the receding waters.
316 Stainless steel, mild steel, recycled Hardwood, composite plastic bearing systems, Specialised lighting systems, marine paint finish, reactive buoyancy systems
Dimensions: 3 x 12000mm arms with 3000mm h end elements