Soundvane [wind activated sculpture]


soundvane [wind activated sculpture]
2010 concept commission by UAP for Southport Broadwater Parklands
SoundVane, consists of two 18m tall vertical kinetic elements that slowly revolve to face the shifting wind currents. The surface of the sails reflect the sky and land elements, directing shards of sunlight dancing back out towards the viewer, whilst the brightly painted core emerges and disappears in a flicker to emphasise this movement drawing people closer to the landmark forms. On closer inspection a mysterious melody generated by the passage of air over flute elements incorporated into the sails can be heard when conditions prevail. The artworks sits in harmony within the seascape by presenting its nautical vernacular of masts, rigging and sails in a stylised and modern design. 
'This harnessing of the wind relates directly to the contextual and spatial nature of the site. It reinforces Davis and Thomas’ investigation and expression of an environmental factor experienced daily by the public, but which is often subtle in its visual manifestation. The artwork reinforces the strong relationship between beach goers and
the intensity of the wind.' (text by Simone Manwarring)