artist V hollywood, 2008

image courtesy Emil Goh, 2008

artist vs hollywood

Narrative in conventional film is built through a combination of layers of film language; text, sound, performance, mise-en-scene and editing. A films success depends on the manipulation of these layers into a cohesive and powerful whole. Often the purpose of such wielding is to seduce the viewer into an unconsciousness that allows them to ‘get into’ the story and which consequently seeks to makes invisible the narrative structure used to do so. The emphasis on story, character, performance and making these as ‘real’ as possible are the hallmarks of what we can call ‘Hollywood’ cinema. Paradoxically much of Hollywood cinema is about the dream, the possibility that exists to change ones life or to save someone else’s. Most of what happens is highly unreal, but that is unimportant since the messages are clear; desire and consumption. 
curatorial team: joanna callaghan & lubi thomas
intern team: courtney coombs