big eye: aboriginal animations, 2009

Gunbalanya Community & Gozer Media, Orphan Boy, 206, still from animation


Big Eye: Aboriginal Animations


Big Eye showcases Aboriginal animations from Australia and Canada in a unique cross-tribal exchange of ideas and world views.
Aboriginal Australian artists Aroha Groves, Frank McLeod & Aboriginal Nations, the Gunbalanya Community & Gozer Media, Christine Peacock, Rebekah Pitt & John Graham and artist/curator Jenny Fraser, are joined by Aboriginal Canadian artists Dark Thunder Productions, Raven Tales, Skawennati Tricia Fragnito & Abtech, Rabbit and Bear Paws, and The Healthy Aboriginal Network.
Philosophically, this exhibition explores the shared heritage by Aboriginal Canadians and Aboriginal Australians through the intersection of Aboriginal aesthetics, culture, and a similar history of colonisation.
curated by
Jenny Fraser - cyberTribe

qut creative industries precinct team:

curator: lubi thomas

public programs: courtney coombs
intern team: maggie mcdade & rennae hopkins
presented by
cyberTribe & qut