grid north, 2011

Grid north - exhibition image

ARI @ the block series - #1


grid north


Grid North, is the first in a new program of Artist-Run Initiative (ARI) focused exhibitions at the creative industries precinct. This annual opportunity seeks to engage with Brisbane's vibrant, experimental & innovative artistic and curatorial practices.
Grid north; a project by Brisbane based Artist-Run Initiative (ARI) Boxcopy, simulates the alpinist's journey from first sight to summit, encapsulating all the risk, wonderment and glory in one specially crafted expedition.
Boxcopy creates installations that uses the grid datum of the existing site to make space for audiences to navigate and discover the varying altitudes and wild vistas of artistic endeavor. Boxcopy supports the experimental and innovative practices of early and mid career Australian artists, and is currently run by Anastasia Booth, Joseph Breikers, Anita Holtsclaw, Tim Kerr, Channon Goodwin, Daniel McKewen, Marianne Templeton and Tim Woodward.
qut creative industries precinct team:
curator: lubi thomas
public programs: oliva porgand
intern team: emily lush