Game on 2008


Fun & Frolics


Get Game: Wii Challenge

This year's Wii Challenge is set to be just as entertaining as the last. Wii games will be pitted against other popular mainstream games. Put your Wii caps on and get ready to have some fun on the BIG big screen.


Casual Game-Making

Join Duncan Curtis and Marko Grgic of 3 Blokes Studios as they discuss the nature of developing and publishing independent and 'casual' games, and the latest crazes to hit the casual game market.


Game On Goes Virtual: Landscape Concept Art Competition

This is an invitation to all game enthusiasts to visualise and present a game-world landscape in the medium of your choice.


Back to Base

Krome Studios Level Designer Gaute Rasmussen talks about his role in building game worlds from the foundation up.


Developing the Story: Talk + Workshop

If you'd rather write the story and build the characters of a computer game than creative the visual landscapes, freelance games write Leanne Taylor will answer all your questions about developing game narratives.


Tips for Game Designers

Pandemic Studios Lead Designer Morgan Jaffit discusses games design as a potential career path as well as giving you essential hints and tips for the 48 Hr Game-Making Challenge.


48 Hr Game-Making Challenge

We challenge you to produce a playable prototype game for the chance to win fame and fortune... but you only have 48 hours and we're locking you in! Join us for the sheer delight and lunacy that underpins the games industry.