NTU Global Digital Art Prize Symposium 2019

The NTU GDAP Symposium 2019 is designed to discuss the evolution of digital art in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The vast transformation led by the advent of the digital age has changed art: how it is made, where it is shown and who can see it. Through presentations by professional artists, curators and academics, the symposium seeks to explore how key components driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution could be effective in shaping the human condition in the 21st century and in turn, not only impact the way artists create, but also how we look at digital art.

We are pleased to have Khairuddin Hori (Curatorial Director and Partner, Chan Hori Contemporary), Daehyung Lee (Curator, Founder of Hzone Art Consulting and team leader of Hyundai Motor’s creative initiative Artlab), Sputniko! (Artist, Designer and Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts) and Lubi Thomas (Artist, Curator, Creative Creative Director Ars Electronica Australia), who will share their work and observations on existing trends in the creation and curation of digital art. The session will culminate in a panel discussion moderated by Professor Michael Walsh (Chair, NTU School of Art, Design and Media).