European Media Art Network Residency Program 2014

Monica Rikic, BuildACode, 2014 courtesy and © the artist.

The European Media Art Network in partnership with the Goethe Institute and oversea partners in Australia and Canada provide residencies 2014 - 2015 in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, France and the Netherlands with support of the European Commission's Culture 2013 Programme. 


QUT was one of three Austrlian partners. QUT hosted two european residents - one at The Cube and the second at The Block. Differing in practice area and interest both residency was choosen for the these factors.


2014 Resident: 

Monica Rikci works with tangible media and addresses the challenges of inclusion in the digital age. Working with seemingly simple and playful interfaces Monica reveals, invites and supports a deeper understanding and engagement of code and systems. Engaging with both a age and cultural diverse audience Monica is tackling the digital divide one block at a time. 


These residencies culminated in an international presentation at the Werkleitz Festival 2015 


The project has been funded with support from the European Culture 2013 program of the European Union.


 It was a privilege to curate and support the EMARE artists.


EMARE residency team: Jacina Leong & Elise Wilkinson