Experimenta Life Forms 2021 - 2023

Experimenta Life Forms reveals how contemporary artists are exploring notions of life, at a time when technological change and new research findings are making definitions of ‘life’ increasingly difficult to pin down. What new life forms are emerging through technological and biological adaptation and invention?


Are our definitions of life shifting because of new scientific discoveries? How do First Nation’s epistemologies influence ways of thinking and understanding life? How are notions of our place in the web of life changing now that research is identifying sentience in animal. Plant-life, and perhaps soon in our machines?


Experimenta Life Forms features a diversity of artforms including robotics, bio-are, screen-based works, installations, participatory and generative art. The exhibition showcases 20 artworks by 26 leading Australian and international artists who are making a significant contribution to current dialogues about the changing notions of life, as we know it.


Curatorial team:

Jonathan Parsons, Lubi Thomas, and Jessica Clark