IDAProjects - the vernacular terrain, 2007

Ben Hibbon, Code Hunters, 2006, still from video

the vernacular terrain

Works have been selected from artists that respond to their environment in a broad philosophical manner. Is it possible to speak of local dialects of the terrain? Are the artists presenting specific viewpoints of the landscape within a contextual framework? What are the influences of hyper-techno landscapes surrounding the vernacular in virtual worlds, interactive design, gaming, locative/mobile technologies and web culture? What we see in this exhibition is an eclectic anthropological view of our world. These artists explore and engage in interdisciplinary practices and hybrid processes that go beyond any single art form.
IDAprojects is supported by: QUT, the City of Yokohama, Yokohama Art Project, Beijing Film Academy & Platform China Art Institute. IDAprojects has also received assistance from the Australia China Council and the Australian Embassy in China. 
Curatorial team: IDAProjects director stephen danzig & lubi thomas.

qut creative industries precinct team:

curator: lubi thomas

intern team: kate woodcroft & benjamin milton hampe


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